Terms of SErvice

To protect ourselves as a business and our time which we value very much, we wouldn’t think to waste your time and we very much appreciate ours not wasted either. If you plan on coming in for a service or would like to inquire on a service with us and are committed to doing so,
1. We greatly appreciate your business, we thank you for that. 
2. All Consultations are free of charge, you can walk in at anytime for that. After that, If you choose to do business with us we will schedule an appointment time that best suits your needs. 
3. All appointments made with us will require a 25% deposit before any appointment is secured in our calendar.
This secures your position with us and a time slot to do such work. Not that we don’t trust you as a person. It protects us from the fact that you may possibly not show up or something arises and that block of time is now lost and the company is out of that time leaving us to fill that slot which creates more work on the back end and increases our overhead if something is not placed there. But we are human beings and we do understand somethings do come up. That’s why a call will help us reschedule you without the loss of your deposit and allows us ample time to place someone in your block of time.