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Exterior Services

We wash your car by hand and dry it the same. We thoroughly clean the wheels and make sure that all contamination is removed. Then, the paint is protected with IGL sealants.

Interior Services

From the basics of vacuuming the car and wiping it down to having that “new car” feel. We can help with odor elimination, leather and fabric protection, seat removal and more.

Paint Correction

It does matter how you look and how your car looks. Pulling up in an unpolished car is like arriving to a business meeting in a wrinkled suit. We have paint corrections services that will make your car look better than new.

Add-On Services

Headlight Restoration
Trim Restoration
Window Sealant/GlassParency
Paint Touch-up
Clay Bar
Vinyl stripe removal

Upgrade to:
*IGL Premier 6 month Sealant

Exterior SErvices

Hand wash and dry
Throughly clean wheels
Iron Decontamination
Bug/Tar Removal
Apply 2-3 month paint protection* 
Clean exterior windows
Apply tire shine

Starting at $100

Interior SErvices

Compressed air blowout
Throughly vacuum interior and trunk area
Throughly clean interior panels and surfaces
Clean interior windows
Steam clean interior
Shampoo carpets and mats
Stain removal where applicable
Condition leather
Apply UV protection to interior trim
Pet hair removal is additional
Seat removal is additional
Excessively soiled interiors will be subject to additional charges

Starting at $200

Add-On Services

Ozone Odor Elimination
Fabric Protection
Leather Protection
Seat removal
Headliner Cleaning

Paint Correction

Correct the marring/scratching that has happened over time from washing and general use of your vehicle. We are trained and certified in correcting these issues and will bring your bar back to a better shine than new. Pricing will depend on vehicle condition and overall needs of the paint. Contact us today for a free estimate on our paint correction services!

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